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In recent times the need for security, especially in public areas, has risen considerably. In particular retail traders with high-class goods or technical equipment find themselves confronted with problems of theft, crime and the general need for increased protection.

Therefore, video monitoring systems become more and more important and companies have taken these facts into consideration and acquired professional protection. There is an individual solution for every company respective of requirements, location and necessities whilst observing the sensitive question of data privacy.

Our company has been dealing for more than 20 years with the problem of shop theft and the protection of sensitive areas. Well-known names from commerce, trade and industrial companies as well as public buildings speak for our excellent reputation, so also your company could profit from our long experience.

We can supply and install traditional anti-theft systems as well as video surveillance systems and video remote control systems (via isdn or internet).

Please feel free to contact us for further information or any question you might have in the line of security.

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